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Guild photo
Apr 23, 10 3:38 PM
New ranks
Apr 23, 10 3:37 PM
Broken Arrow building again
Apr 21, 10 4:20 PM
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Service Updates
Welcome to the new web site for Broken - Arrow!

This guild has been around for a while but died off when I stopped playing about a year ago.
But now with all the fun of the game I am back and see more need for this guild then ever.
Setting up groups now is easier but takes out the idea of meeting friends and getting serious people to play.

This guild will hopefully bring fun, a feeling of community and Role-playing to everyone in this wonderful game. 

Using our current rank system things should be fair.

Ranks, Responsibilities and Privileges

  1 General

Officers: To be one of the officers below there must 1 be a need for more of that rank.  2 must show loyalty to guild and have proven his/her worth.
  2 Commander
  3 Recruiter

Members: privileges: can view the bank and make requests to officers for certain items. These items are for use not for personal gain. If something is withdrawn and then put on AH without an Officer's consent the member who placed the item will be demoted, if it happens again the member will be removed from guild. If there is a recipe/pattern in the bank you want you must first show you need it by linking your profession to an online officer before he can give it to you.

  4 Captain:       Requirements: all previous requirements below and have been part of at least one
                        guild run. Will receive promotion at a promotion ceremony held on Sundays. 

                        Privileges: Priority, over lower ranks, on events (raids and RP events),  
                        Can take part in "For the Alliance", access to Officer chat, and able to recruit

  5 Lieutenant  : Requirements - including everything below, be with guild for over 2 weeks 
                        and be registered on the website

                        Privileges: Priority, over lower ranks, on events(raids and RP events),  
                        can take part in "For the Alliance", and can recruit

  6 Private :      Requirements - every thing below, be with guild for over 1 week ,
                       be registered on the website

                      Privileges: Priority, over lower ranks, on events (raids and RP events),  
                      can take part in "For the Alliance",

  7 Cadet:        Be over lvl 10

Junior Member
  8 Youth:        Privileges-  can use bank funds for repairs till lvl 10 but can not view the guild bank

Every member not online for a month gets a demotion for each month that they are absent. Only officers are excluded from that until we figure out a fair way of doing it.
This rule is not to be unfair but it should weed out people who are not serious about the guild. It should also show those who are dependent for "For the Alliance"

Rules to live by:

1 Don't be a ninja nobody likes it.
2 Don't abandon something with no excuse. If you say your going to be there, be there! Everyone has a life, its true and there's lots of reasons why you have to back out of things and that's ok, play the game don't live it. But please be respectful and don't back out just to do stuff with another guild or any thing like that its not fair to your guild mates.
3 Always be respectful of others. Don't harass, and don't insult other members or other players you represent all of us.

Breaking these rules can equal demotion. If you've been demoted to a cadet you will get 2 final chances, which will be recorded, if you break these rules again you will be automatically kicked from the guild. Each case will be reviewed, to be fair. Might be fun making a court room case about it. For example: if one member accuses another of rude comments (Insults) and an officer did not witness the incident there will be a chance for both parties to state their case. Then a decision between 2 higher ranking officers will be made. If an officer witnessed the offense then the offender will be given one chance to explain it. If that reason is not valid the member will be demoted.

All of this is to keep this guild pleasant, fun and most of all a place of respect.
Other Guild News

Guild photo

Genloki, Apr 23, 10 3:38 PM.
I would like to make a guild photo so im looking for suggestions on location  and suggestion for times of when every one could make it

New ranks

Genloki, Apr 23, 10 3:37 PM.
Some of you may have noticed 2 new ranks added. these maybe made permenant if they work out.
i created a second recruiting rank you need to be ove lvl 30 and request it and give reason why you think you should be in this postion we only require to have 3 people in this rank as of now we have 1 its more like a position then a rank. because the rank still sands as equel to a Lieutenant but with the privlages of a private with invite capabilitys they can not promote or talk in officer chat.  To do that you need to be a captain.

any one recruited automaticly place at rank of recruit till an officer has had time to review the recruit in person and if they mean requirements they will be either made youth or cadet based on there lvl.

Broken Arrow building again

Genloki, Apr 21, 10 4:20 PM.
Broken arrow is now open again and building. Please feel free in inform your friends just send them my name or the name of an officer and we'll invite them to the guild for you if they are interested.
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